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In this foundational new leadership business culture book, decision makers will learn to build a regenerative culture that allows organizations to achieve greater results by strengthening organizational integrity through principle based leadership.


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The industrial revolution has brought many benefits in terms of efficiency, innovation, and wealth. Unfortunately, this has come at a high cost to both people and the environment. John Baker — a leadership coach and an avocational rancher — understands what it takes to not only survive in business and agriculture, but to create a continual state of thriving. 


Enter regenerative culture: a sustainable, healing, and renewing state of business that creates cultures which take on a life of their own. In them, energy is created, not destroyed. Regenerative culture helps teams to set themselves up to develop the people within and drive lasting results. 


Influence On Purpose is a principle-driven practice made of models and processes designed to help leaders create regenerative cultures for themselves and their stakeholders. John leans on his decades of experience to create a unique and actionable set of fundamental components for businesses to establish a culture that vitalizes instead of depletes its most important asset: people.  


Says John of these principles, “If more farmers and ranchers would practice regenerative agriculture, it would heal the planet. If more leaders would cultivate regenerative organizations, it would heal our society.” 


With shrewd comments from executive coach Rebekah Eyre, Influence on Purpose is a must-have for any serious change agent and leader. 


Leaders of any sized team in a variety of industries will glean knowledge from Influence on Purpose. Fans of other business leadership books (The Speed of Trust; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; The Earned Life) will enjoy learning the new concept to apply it to their teams. 

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What People Are Saying

John and Rebekah have captured the essence of having a successful enterprise for the long term. Constant investment in your principles and values should be a natural conclusion and habit of any leader. The environment must stay fertile and healthy to ensure success. Regenerative thinking defines the platform for sustainable growth.


Jon R. Tabor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

John and Rebekah have masterfully tackled the dynamics of organizational culture through the introduction of a model that delivers a clear method that will empower and strengthen leaders to make real and sustainable change in their organizations! Any serious change agent and leader should make this book a staple resource as they work towards success in their organization.


David Boss, PhD Professor of Business Strategy and Leadership,

Motivational Speaker, Business Owner

If you are looking for a book that will take you on a journey to finding the key to success in building and maintaining your culture in the correct way, I would highly recommend John’s book! The way in which the content was presented made it very easy to read and understand. In addition, the real-life examples shared throughout the book brought the principles to life, helping the reader further understand the content being presented. Overall, I am very excited to apply the valuable information shared to build a regenerative culture within my team and Company!


Ashley Pittenger, President Foster Logistics,

Robinson Investments

A Must-Read for leaders looking to regenerate their culture with the right purpose and principles that enable high growth, employee engagement and productivity.


Beth Thomas, Author of Powered by Happy,

Founder / CEO of Change4Growth, Partner ISG

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