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Our name is derived from two fundamental concepts that guide the work we do in developing leaders.

Influence: One of the primary rules of leadership is knowing the difference between control and influence. A leader who expects to control others in any way is destined to fail before they even start. This is manifest in many ways including micro-management, command and control style, manipulation, expecting compensation to drive behavior, etc. This is always a source of frustration and often why leaders get stuck.


When it comes to our impact on outcomes through others, all we have is influence. Leadership coaching is largely a matter of identifying and acting on effective influence strategies. These can be behavioral, systemic or symbolic.

"On Purpose" has two meanings; this is deliberate:


First, on purpose means to be mission-focused.


Sustainable success as an individual or an organization is based on rooting core values in sound principles, a compelling vision that is motivating to all, and a mission that addresses the needs and expectations of all stakeholders. Having a well-defined mission provides the transition from aspiration to strategy.


Mission is another word for purpose. So, "Influence On Purpose" means to lead others in a way that helps them align with and engage in the mission of the company.


Second, on purpose means deliberate or intentional.


This meaning addresses another consistent source of frustration for leaders. Most people aren't sufficiently aware that they are always influencing those around them or what that influence contributes to. Too often influence is accidental or happenstance.


"Influence On Purpose" means to be purposeful about your influence. Or, be aware of the effect you are having on others.

The name of the company helps to describe the reason for and the impact of the work we do. Helping leaders identify effective influence strategies that align the efforts of their associates with the mission of the organization is at the core of creating a successful culture.

We help you to Influence On Purpose.

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